The importance of music in schools

I have heard from my daughter’s school that the music department is under staffed. They are unable to offer choirs and orchestras this term and many of the pupils are understandably upset by this.

But why is music so important in schools? I believe that the core academic subjects are important, but not sufficient to ensure the complete growth of the child.

We already know that Sport is important for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the student. But Art? Music?

To my mind, it seems to be increasingly important to develop an ‘outside the box’ mentality in our children now. Surely Music, like Art, can serve this purpose?

Music encourages the pupil to discover, develop and hone their creativity. It then demands a level of courage to perform this, their personal adaptation, in lessons, workshops and eventually, concerts.
Some students find performing easy. Some find it enjoyable. Others find it an amazing test of their courage to stand up and perform in front of others. The latter group are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to prove to themselves that they ‘can do it’. Whatever group the student is in, the experience of learning, studying and then performing a piece of music can only boost their outer confidence.

The discipline of learning a piece of music, the practise of creativity and the experience of performing must then help the student in other areas of study: when learning dates, places, names; discovering and exploring new ideas and when being called upon to stand up and explain these ideas, findings and facts.

I would argue that there can only be a rounded, positive and complete education when Sport, Art and Music are a major part of the curriculum.