Help me to support our community’s children on 16th!!

I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing with you some of my favourite music including songs from fauré, Schubert and Mozart.

But this concert on the 16th March is evolving. What started as an intention to raise money for the TWGGS PTA and their Ghana Education Project is becoming as much about the wonderful student performers’ who are joining me to play and sing for us.

Creativity and Confidence are two hugely important words for today’s children. Schools today are having to teach our children for jobs that have not been created yet! Robots are becoming more common in the workplace and are destined to become more efficient than humans. Our children today need to have the confidence to adapt to the future. They need to hone their creativity in order to find a place in the society of the future.

Whilst academic subjects are hugely important, creative subjects are also vital to both the wellbeing and rounded development of each child. We need to be teaching our children the things that robots will never master: empathy, kindness, a sense of community, love, undertanding……the confidence to love and to be loved: humanity. To know when to change and develop and to have the confidence to make those changes:

To fail is to learn. To learn is to change.

To change is to develop. To develop is to succeed. 

I have been privileged to work as a professional classical singer, before having my two wonderful children, and now I teach singing to wonderful pupils at King’s and Junior King’s, Canterbury, and privately in Tunbridge Wells – not forgetting the wonderful Lockton Choir choristers! To watch their eyes light up when they hear their voices ringing, when they hear their unique vibrations, either on their own or as a group, is a joy to witness. Being able to “speak” with our own singing voice is empowering.

It is my intention that the TWGGS performers enjoy their concert on 16th March, that they grow in confidence in their ability to be heard.

If you would like to support these students and the charities, but haven’t already bought your tickets, then please do so here:

Emma x